Monday, April 11, 2011

Area 51 - Discography 12 inch

Another repost from the old What We Want Blog... Great Monday Morning music, kinda sums up how I feel going back to work after having 9 days off (sorta)....

Before the Murder City Devils & Pretty Girls Make Graves there was Death Wish Kids and before Death Wish Kids there was Area 51. Hardcore punk with tons of attitude and feedback to spare. Fronted by Murder City Devils singer Spencer Moody & DWK/PGMG vocalist Andrea Zollo, the dueling vocals were fueled by pure screaming rage and backed by the hardcore punk attack of fellow murder city members Dan Galluci & Derek Fudesco and rounded out with Sterling Callier & Andy Sells. 

This sounds nothing like the later bands they became better known for, but it does sound like completely pissed off, rip your head off hardcore punk. There is an obsession with the movie "Over The Edge" as well. 
When Spencer Moody decided to leave the band they turned into the Death Wish Kids.

"if you fuck with me you better run while you can, because i'll be right behind you with a brick in my hand"

Area 51 on Myspace

DOWNLOAD: Area 51 - "Discography"

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