Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blackspot | Triceratops - "Banana Splits" 7inch

The Blackspot tracks here come after the "Check Out the Helmet" 7inch previously posted on the blog and feature the band expanded to a five-piece. The first song, Drop, starting with a muffled/distorted intro that sounds like its being recorded from a room away, when it finally kicks in shows that band moving forward from their 7inch. The vocals have a bit of a higher tone and less of the booming voice as heard before. The songs here have a bit more crunch to them, but still that grooving sound that makes them stick with you. Their second song, Rogaine, has a more stop/start kind of feel to it as the song powers forward through it's three minutes.
Triceratops are on the flip side of this Southern California split. They play a heavy, but strongly old school influenced sound with climbing guitars, shouted more than screamed vocals, a bouncing bass, and driving drums, and some pretty awesome back up vocals (specifically on the second song). Members of Triceratops would go onto the Third Degree, Speak 714, Give Until Gone, Adamantium, & Innaway. Triceratops also had a "self-titled" record that I have so far been unable to track down a copy of.

DOWNLOAD: Blackspot / Triceratops - "Banana Split" 7inch

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