Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Cable Car Theory - "The Deconstruction"

I have to confess, from time to time there are albums I almost get excited to find out are out of print because I can (in good conscience & good faith) share them on the blog. Of course, I'd love for everything to be accessible at a reasonable price for anyone interested to own, but that's a whole other discussion...

The Cable Car Theory sound almost like a hyper version of bands like Hot Water Music and Avail. They draw on all the great aspects of 90's Emo/Hardcore with thick guitars, vocals that go from pissed off to exasperated and back again, drums that are so precise the drummer could very easily be playing in a much more metallic band.

The Cable Car Theory's strongest asset may be that they can musically turn on a dime- plowing through a song like Analysis, while taking a more mid-tempo pace with opener Nakama, only to slow things down with Spit Happens. A real testament is a song like Caffeine Battle Cry which employs a little of both. The lyrics again evoke feelings of the aforementioned bands and sounds, with subjects like friendships, child birth, child abuse, emotions & feelings, etc. The album ends pretty emphaticallywith the foreboding sounding Tears For Broken Toys which starts pretty heavy for their sound as members of the Assistant help out with vocals.

Hailing from New Jersey in the late 90's- early 00's, they released a few different records (a previous ep/lp, some 7inches, & comp tracks) in their time and apparently did a fair amount of playing at least on the east coast and even Europe. This record stands as a very good and under-appreciated piece of hardcore/punk from the early part of this century (sounds weird to say that, hah). Dig in and enjoy, 13 songs in just over 30 minutes.

DOWNLOAD: The Cable Car Theory - "The Deconstruction" 


  1. Hey, thanks for posting this (as you said you would). Digging in now!

  2. This band was(is) from Staten Island NYC actually.
    Various drummers were New Jerseyans though.