Friday, April 15, 2011

Ignite - Sea Shepard Conservation Society EP (Live)

4 tracks recorded live in 1997 (San Francisco), & 1998 (Goleta) with all four tracks coming from the Call on My Brothers full length. The quality here isn't bad, but it is live and does not sound like it had any touching up, just raw live recording.

This record was released by the italian label Vacation House on both 7incn & 10-inch Picture Disc. Over the years, being the nerd that I am and someone who is a VERY big fan of Ignite circa about 2003 and before, I have both. So, this is recorded from the 10inch, but the scans are of the 7inch.

For any not in the know, this is the Ignite most of the world knows (as opposed to the earlier 7 inch posted HERE last week), fast and powerful with Zoli's trademark vocals and world conscious lyrics. Music that certainly revisits Southern California bands of the past, but looks forward at the same time. I can honestly say that I just about wore out the copy of "Call On My Brothers" that I first bought on tape when in high school. Their live shows around that time were quite an experience as well. Ignite from about 1995-2000 was really one of my favorite bands and always a show that I looked forward to. I digress, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Ignite - "Sea Shepard Conservation Society EP"

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