Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crumb Cult - Demo 2011

Hailing from Los Angeles, California (and many points nearby), Crumb Cult were brought to my attention by their bassist, Eric, who had seen an Ad for his previous band, Rule of Nines, when I posted an old Phyte Records Catalog on the blog.

Crumb Cult play a fast and driving style of hardcore that has just a touch of noisy moments and a few well placed tempo changes where they do one of my favorite things in hardcore- screaming over just bass and drums.

You can hear a gritty and not-so-clean sound coming out of this demo, and it suits the vocals quite well. Slower tempo'd track "Siren" gives the demo a feel of being a little longer (in a good way) than the 4 1/2 minutes that this four song demo delivers. The demo closes out with dual 1 minute blasts with the fast to choppy "Three can keep a secret if two are dead" and the stop/start pounding of "Golden Harvest." All in all, a band that I'm very excited to hear more from, and very interested in seeing live.

Currently, the band is working on songs for a planned 10-song full length and as of about two weeks ago, was still without a label- so any of you label types out there, take notice. Not that it needs to be mentioned, but these guys have been in plenty of bands, bands you've heard of and bands you haven't. It's not that something like should matter so much as, you can expect that these guys are up to good things and know what they're doing. Give it a spin- its new and its good.

You can get a hold of the band HERE

DOWNLOAD: Crumb Cult - "Demo"


  1. Eric was in Try Harder too.

  2. Indeed he was, with his former Rule of Nines band mate, Rich.