Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gordon Solie Motherfuckers! - Power Bomb Anthems Volume 1 10inch

Hailing from Ohio and playing blistering hardcore with a punk slant and all the attitude that their wrestling inspired name indicates (Gordon Solie was a legendary Wrestling announcer), Gordon Solie Motherfuckers cut a path of destruction in their brief existence.

This mini-lp follows their debut 7inch ("Chairshot Politics") and takes it up a notch with Tony Erba's distinct vocals leading the charge with sometimes political, sometimes smart ass, and almost always in your face lyrics. GSMF were notorious being so rowdy live that they were banned from many clubs, especially in Ohio. The insert is scanned and included with the download, see for yourself the pictures of their shows and the chaos that seems to be going on.

I'm unsure what the final toll on the band was, perhaps they succumbed to being a side band for 9 Shocks Terror, the insert would indicate that one of the guitarists moved to the East Bay; whatever it was it was a shame the band only existed '98 - '01 and just left behind two releases. But at least one of them is this 12 track blast, which includes a great cover of the Johnny Moped song "No One". The Warzone nod on "Ghost Cry of Betray" is hillarious (Gordon girls? there's no fuckin gordon girls). Give it a listen, hardcore that falls somewhere between the classic Boston sound and some fusion of early West Coast Hardcore and Japanese Hardcore. Enjoy!


  1. The guitar player Jim Rose did move to the east bay, where he eventually ended up singing for Annihilation Time. In fact Sean the bass player ended up doing some time in Annihilation Time as well, not as much as Jimmy but I know he was on the album II at least. Tony Erba is, as always, in a million bands but is singing for a seemingly on again of again band called Cheap Tragedies that is for sure worth checking out.

    Blake Ferguson

  2. so good! Thanks for the posting, I love reading about bands you don't hear mentioned enough nowadays