Monday, April 4, 2011

Somebody's Got A Case of the Mondays...... Phyte Records Catalog 1998

So, my apologies for not having a planned Monday post up. The rest of the week is planned, but I had changed my mind about my planned Monday. I'm on a much needed Vacation (the stay at home kind) and of course, that means Monday is the "Honey-Do-List" Day. Being an expectant father only made it that much more of a necessity.

However, after the wife's car got an oil change and learning how to make vegan "hot pockets", I set to clearing some boxes from what will be the nursery. That meant getting to some pictures and old flyers, etc. that I had been meaning to dig out. So, it all works out for the blog in the end.

For your Monday viewing pleasure, Food, an old label Catalog, and my new pick-ups from a trip to Dr. Strange Records

(click to see bigger image)

Tuesday, Music, Promise!

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