Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glory Kid Ltd. - Label Sampler Fall/Winter

CONTINUING WITH THE RECORD STORE DAY BLOWOUT OF POSTS it only seems appropriate to have a great record label sampler:

Southern California's best little Hardcore label just relocated to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle to be exact). Before making the move, label czar, Andrew, put out this nice little sampler with 9 tracks from the most recent 8 releases.

A little of everything is offered here: Outrage & Convulsions exist at one end with some of the more interesting sounding songs- heavy music with vocals that go from screaming to haunting and musical changes. Outrage is working on their upcoming Glory Kid release while the Convulsions track is from their GKL debut 7inch. Agosto Espias play a style of emo/punk that draws back to a sound from the mid-90's. Maladie & Drowning with Our Anchors tracks come from their split 10inch, a co-release with Vitriol Records. The Separation track, deceptively short, is from their stellar LP (and sadly, final release) 'No Exit'- heavy & politically charged hardcore from Northern California. Run With the Hunted appear courtesy of their GKL ep "Destroy All Calendars"- fast hardcore with a political slant and the ability to break a song down and get you bouncing side to side. Time for Change's contribution comes courtesy of their final release, a 4 song ep split with label Death of A Modernist, and shows the band plowing forward from their lp and taking the band's sound to an even higher level of emotionally charged hardcore that still balances within their "old school meets 90's" hardcore sound. Lastly, Burn Your Life Down- the newest band (existence wise) offers up a members list of many recently departed So. Cal Hardcore bands playing a heavy and fast style of hardcore. While I wouldn't say "sounds like", you can say "reminiscent of" the Separation, Deadguy, and other such bands that were heavy, fast, and vicious in their sonic expressions. Enjoy & as always, check out Glory Kid Limited. Their stuff is always quality in sound & package.

Glory Kid Limited

DOWNLOAD: GKL Sampler Fall/Winter

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