Sunday, April 17, 2011

Candle - "Self-Titled" 7inch

A nice way to start your Sunday...

Candle were an emo band from Southern California in the early 90's. To be fairly honest, I don't know a TON about them and there isn't a ton about them on the internet. They were a part of the San Diego scene at the time and did a split with Antioch Arrow (which I have not heard). Members went on to Antioch Arrow, clikatat ikatowi, Spanakorzo, & Second Story Window.

This two song record is their first release; released on Wrenched Records (who also released the Evergreen "Trudy Pushpin" 7inch posted HERE earlier). The music is pretty straight forward (kinda punky) as far as moving along at a pretty steady pace most of the time with some pauses at times and guitars that will drop out while the bass and drums go on. the vocals have a youthful screech to them; all in and all, a record that definitely says "90's emo record", but not one that just falls into a list of emo by numbers and then forgotten as good, but typical.

DOWNLOAD: Candle "Self Titled" 7inch 

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