Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coalesce | The Get Up Kids - "Split"

A fun split from these two diversely different bands. Each band takes a song from the other and essentially re-imagine it, adapting it to their style. Coalesce with "I'm Giving Up On This One" (originally "Second Place"), the Get Up Kids "Burned Bridges" (originally "Harvester of Maturity").

In case you've lived in a cave (and under a rock in that cave), the Get Up Kids play a catchy blend of emo with a poppy punk slant that still pays credit to hardcore. Fun music.
Coalesce play odd hardcore that draws on a lot of influences from metal and odd time signatures. With a vocalist who sounds very different from almost anyone, they can plow right through you only to stop suddenly and lurch forward before just completely destroying your whole existence. A bit dramatic? Perhaps. But Coalesce is very, very different. They would share a member with the Get Up Kids for a long time (as well as all of the Casket Lottery, two of which still play in the band).

DOWNLOAD: Coalesce / The Get Up Kids "Split"

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