Saturday, April 2, 2011

Samiam / Jawbreaker - No Idea Fanzine Split 7inch

We'll just call Split Seven Inch Saturday today. The second round brings some good 90's punk with this little two song gem. This was released along with a copy of No Idea Fanzine (as in, No Idea Records) and picked up by yours truly for .99 cents at a local shop because it was "missing the cover". There was no cover. It was missing the accompanying zine, and I'd love to get a copy some time, but I feel I got the most important part, no?

Both bands offer up songs that at the time were exclusive to this record. Released in 1992, both bands are still solidifying the sounds that they would become known for- Jawbreak and their brand of punk that would go on to influence a vast majority of 90's emo/punk acts, while Samiam show early flashes of their pop/melodic punk brilliance, pulling off a track that could have just as easily gone on a Seaweed record.

Jawbreaker's track has some interesting/odd spoken parts that I'll let you hear for yourself. . I wouldn't say that they distract the song, but when listening to it, it can almost seem like two different songs. Recorded in early '89, it shows the band still developing.

The Samiam song really is my favorite. This one was recorded in '91, dating it back to around the time of some of the bands earliest works (such as the 'I Am' ep, which will turn up here later), but showing a slightly more melodic and softer side than the speedy pop-punk of their earliest material.


DOWNLOAD: Samiam / Jawbreaker - No Idea Fanzine Split 7inch

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