Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sign Language 3x 7inch Compilation

Happy Record Store Day- go out to your local shops and check out the sales, appreciate the mom & pops, and of course, get the Record Day record pressings! Then you can come back here and download, this stuff will still be here.

So, this gem was one of those 'Hey, check out what just came in' items when I walked in to Dr. Strange Records about a year ago. I had NO clue that it existed and among the many reasons to own such a treat, it has a 411 song that appears no where else. Funny as it is (and it always seems to be this way when I'm on a mission at Doc) I was actually there to pick up a copy of the Suburban Voice comp. that had another exclusive 411 song on it.
411 aside, this Allied Records comp. includes a bunch of early/mid-90's hardcore/punk bands that got quite a bit of recognition- Jawbox, Econochrist, Seein' Red, Christ On A Crutch, & Sawhorse are among the 12 tracks found here (four per 7inch). You could easily think this came out on Ebullition.

On top of all the good bands & tracks is the packaging- a box taped together on one side so that it flips open.  Inside, three separate records each with a tweaked Stop sign to read: STOP WAR, STOP SEXISM, STOP RACISM. The songs along with other pictures reflect each record's themes, while the booklet inside has one of my favorite things about comp. 7inches- Band pages. Each band has one done differently by each respective band. Spread throughout are also writings and explanations about the records and their assembly. Lastly, the comp comes with postcards of each record, and theyre not just some photocopied nonsense, rather, they have the covers on one side and info. on the back including Allied Records info.

Great comp, Great packaging, and I picked it up for under $15. Win, Win, Win.

DOWNLOAD: V/A - Sign Language Compilation


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  1. I remember grabbing this when it came out for the Econochrist, Jawbox, and 411 tracks if memory serves. While I could not tell you one song that was on it now years after it left my collection, I do remember the artwork. It was the coolest packaging I remember seeing at the time. It was/is hands-down the best looking comp from the early 90s.