Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carry Nation - Face the Nation

Sorry, No Monday post. Bit of a crazy weekend- worked Saturday, found out we're having a boy, just a little bit going on- heh.

Carry Nation were a long running, little output Hardcore band from Southern California. Featuring members of TONS of hardcore bands at the time (and since); inc. running concurrently with No For An Answer & Insted, with whom they shared members. While surely fitting in with those bands, they took a bigger sound and bigger voice and put a twist on the standard late 80's sound.  Drums near the front of the mix, building bass lines, and a mid pace to some songs that wasn't yet quite so prevalent for bands that weren't heavier. Carry Nation also took on some larger subjects than the average hardcore band; but to expect less from a band fronted by Dan O. would be foolish.

Aside from this little 4 song 7inch they had two live tracks on Nemesis Record comps, a live version of "Protect & Serve" and the otherwise unrecorded "Temple Walls." It's too bad more wasn't recorded, Temple Walls shows a growing sound and members have said in interviews many years later, that the direction Carry Nation was headed was exciting.

DOWNLOAD: Carry Nation - "Face the Nation"

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