Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blackspot - Check Out the Helmet 7inch

Blackspot were a hardcore band from Southern California in the early/mid-90's, playing a brand of hardcore rooted in the traditions the bands before them, but definitely making use of their present day surroundings. Fast & driven songs with huge back-up vocals that also had a distinct crunch and chug to the riffs.

This little 7inch EP came out on the ever eclectic Workshed Records which was the brainchild of Dan O'Mahony. Check Out The Helmet fits in nicely with many of the other releases of the label; which like this, are definitely hardcore, but different than the norm (old school or new school). Different is usually good; it is here.

Blackspot would also appear on the Ammunition Records (Mankind) 7inch comp. & Indecision

Records "Guilty By Association" comp. They would also release a split 7inch (Banana Split) with Triceratops on Bastille Records. Expect the split 7inch in the foreseeable future as it was ripped & scanned the same time as this 7inch (and is actually playing right now).

DOWNLOAD: Blackspot - "Check Out the Helmet" 7inch

Band Myspace maintained by their drummer.

Inc. a Scan of the record, I love the little drawing on it.

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