Monday, March 21, 2011

Breathe In - "Nervous Breakdown" 7inch

Another Monday, another reason to want to destroy and obliterate. Did the first week of "Spring Forward" leave you feeling robbed and jobbed? Breathe In take on the classic Black Flag EP that helped to lay the very foundation of Hardcore (SEE ALSO: Middle Class - Out of Vogue).

Quite a big thing to take on, Breathe In is true the originals and singer/guitarist Louie even gets a bit Keith Morris at times, especially on "I've Had It." Nobody can do Black Flag songs quite like Black Flag, but this little recreation does a hell of a job of revisiting such a milestone in fast/pissed off music (and rock as a whole) and puts it back out there hopefully for people who might have somehow been deprived of the knowledge and experience of complete and total musical, emotional, and mental demolition; in song form. The artwork is a big plus too, right down to the fat 45 hole and labels (scan of the record included with download).... fix me, fix my head... fix me please I don't wanna be dead

DOWNLOAD: Breathe In - Nervous Breakdown 7inch

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