Saturday, March 5, 2011

House of Suffering - 3 song 7inch

San Diego Hardcore seems to always have a distinct persona and sound; most notably the early-mid 90's when bands as diverse as Unbroken, Struggle, Big Drill Car, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, Stickfiguecarousel, & House of Suffering- to name a few, existed.

Today, House of Suffering exist in many people's minds as having been covered (actually, initially ripped off) by fellow SD band, P.O.D. (yeah, that POD) on their first album; recording a version of the House of Suffering song "Draw the Line." However, House of Suffering in their own right made a bit of a lasting mark on Southern California hardcore. 3/4 of the band were originally in the legendary SD band Amenity, with prior years of playing together, the band was able to evolve and grow at a pace quicker than most new bands. Part Hardcore/Punk, part jam, and an undeniable product of the changing 90's allowed them to have singing vocals that give way to raps while the music goes from crunchy riffs to grooving fills and odd guitar parts. At times they seem to bridge a gap from bands like Bad Brains & Burn to later bands like Charge.

DOWNLOAD: House of Suffering - "3-Song" 

*there is a very slight skip at the end of the first track. Everything was done to work it out, but I could not. I currently do not have an mp3 editor I like on the new laptop and processed this record as a part of about 25-30 upcoming releases for the blog; so for now at least, quantity wins out on this one*

UPDATE: while going through some things, found my House of Suffering shirts. Click through for bigger images of the shirt.


  1. wow, just wow. I have thought about this album for years and can't believe I finally find it. Thanks!

  2. Aren't these the same dudes that wrote that song with Public Enemy called "Bring tha Noize." I uses to always see a long haired Mexican dude hum that tune at the the Taco Bell in Terra Nova.

  3. Man o man I wish I still had that shirt