Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swindle | The Finders - Split 7inch

A little local flavor (the Finders) & a little late 90's/early 00's punk goodness (Swindle) on this split slab of wax.

The Finders were a punk/hardcore band from Redlands, Ca. in the late 90's, who, if memory serves, actually played with mostly punk bands. Granted, this ep is far more mature lyrically and hardcore musically than their 7inch released a year or two before. Still, somewhere are fliers of them playing with other hardcore-punk bands like Urban GI Joes, Retribution, & Titty Twisters. The 3 songs here are pretty good politically charged hardcore- screamed vocals, driving music, and right to the point.

Swindle were one of the better punk bands of the late 90's/early 00's. Their "Better Off Dead" full length still gets tremendous amounts of play time from me. Punk that walked the line of hardcore punk with snotty vocals, lyrics that weren't garbage, and a fine selection of cover songs (from skid row to violent femmes) went well with the tried and true punk line-up of singing guitarists/bassist. It seemed like on any given weekend Swindle would be playing at Showcase Theatre in Corona with Backside, Union 13, Straight Faced, US Bombs, and Osker. I've always heard that their last lp on Slowgun (who released this) was some of their best stuff, & if their later split with Over My Dead Body is any indication (also on Slowgun), I believe it. Sadly, I've never been able to track it down (hint, hint). PS - If memory serves, Dan Sant (Palpatine/OMDB played in Swindle at one point, fun!)  Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Swindle | The Finders - Split 7inch


  1. H O L Y S H I T. I have been looking for mp3s of this album for 12 years. I have this record (green vinyl) but havent had a record player since high school. Thank you so much for uploading this!

  2. Welcome. Stoked that your glad to have it. Swindle has always been a favorite band and being from the IE, the Finders were a "local" band who I dug. Glad to give you some songs you havent heard in ages. If youre into the Finders at all, I have their 7inch from before this, much more punk. Should turn up on the blog some time this year. Enjoy!

  3. Dude.. I know its been over a year but you never posted that other 7" from the Finders. They were one of my favorite bands out of the IE and their stuff is super hard to find. If you could post it, I would be forever in your debt! Thanks!

    1. I have the MP3's of the first record as well as a live radio show at KUCI if you want them.

    2. Yeah, I'd love to get those mp3s. My email is