Saturday, March 5, 2011

In The Grey - Demo 2008

in the grey were a melodic hardcore punk band from southern california (inland empire/chino) that existed for an all-too-short time in and around 2008. Members had been in more than a few other local bands over the years when this unit came together.

Playing a style that could fit them in on a show with most any of the classic Fat/Lookout/Asian Man records bands; not unlike a more straight forward hardcore influenced Lawrence Arms, sans snotty vocals. A Nice little 5-song demo with lyrics ranging from growing older (in a real world kind of way, not bitter posi-kid refusing to grow up) and relationships, to our mistreatment of others. The band fell apart exceptionally fast before a project arose called The Bradley, which too came undone. Currently, singer Erich & guitarist Jason can be found in the hardcore band The Shroud, bass & guitar respectively (and have a demo/7inch out right now).

DOWNLOAD: In The Grey - Demo 2008

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