Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dirty Dirt & the Dirts - Self Titled 7inch

LAST WEEKEND OF MARCH- 2 months of the blog going strong...

When I think of late 90's hardcore from Los Angeles Dirty Dirty & the Dirts are one of those bands that come first to mind along with No Reply, Lifes Halt, & Carry On.
Punky hardcore and screamed vocals that occasionally go to monotone spoken words, with lyrics running the political to the personal; dealing with issues of isolation, individualism, and the absurd concept that the pinnacle of one's life could occur before their 18th birthday. It seemed like every other show at places like the PCH, Che, Koos, and the Smell had some combo of DD&D, Field of Fire, Lifes Halt, No Reply, What Happens Next?, & the Nerve Agents. I wouldn't say it was a magical time, but it sure was a lot of fun and DD&D was a large part of that reason for me.

Other than this 7inch, they had a track on the "As the Sun Sets" Comp (posted on It Follows HERE) as well as the Youngblood comp "Memories of Tomorrow" and the great "SK8 or Die" comp (which will be posted here later). I'd guess they had a demo, but ive never heard nor seen it. After DD&D's demise singer Rich turned up in Esperanza who were a bit more punk/fast hardcore. I know they had a pretty good song on one of the 625 Thrashcore comps.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Dirt & the Dirts - "Self-Titled" 7inch

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  1. thank you thank you thank you. i have been wanting this in mp3 form forever. i have the 7" but never was able to transfer it over.