Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fastbreak - "Don't Stop Trying" 7inch

Fastbreak were a Connecticut Hardcore band in the 90's, originally a part of the Youth Crew Revival sound of the mid/late 90's but over time developing a sound that grew into more of a Hardcore/Punk/Emo sound.
This first 7inch and a split 7inch with Ten Yard Fight are fairly standard Youth Crew Revival, while the first real sound shift would happen with their first LP, "Fast Cars, Fast Women."

The cover says it all; jumping guitarist, CAPS band logo, bars between the band name and record title; six songs of fast and fun hardcore with lyrics about persevering, betrayed friendships, etc. Don't get me wrong, this is a great sounding record; nice temp changes, a very distinct bass guitar in the mix; this is a tried and true formula done right. The aforementioned first LP takes this to a new level  where the band is able to expand and not just sound like "the 7inch plus 4 songs", like all too many bands of this style can end up sounding.

The band later put out a second LP on Revelation Records (that I don't remember caring for all that much) as well as appearing earlier on the Trash American live comp. "It's A Verb". They also made to California at least once, playing with Ten Yard Fight the last time they came to the west coast.

DOWNLOAD: Fastbreak - "Don't Stop Trying"

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