Sunday, March 20, 2011

Over My Dead Body & Swindle "Split" 7inch

I Can't really think of a better way to end the weekend, which is why it's ending with this. One of my personal favorite split 7inches with my favorite straight edge bands of the 00's and one of my favorite punk bands from that same time. It's a double dose of San Diego this time around.

Over My Dead Body cranks out 3 demo tracks (re-recorded) on their side (the other 2 turned up on No Runners and the intro ended up on the Time X split). Songs dealing with the poor stereotypes of straight edge at the time being portrayed as a thuggish gang-like at the time, the eternal pledge to remain true to hardcore, and being open minded ("I can't believe it, they're telling us who we can love").

As I had mentioned with the Swindle/Finders split, Swindle holds a particularly fond place in my heart. This split and specifically the song "The Wall" is a large reason why.
Having recently been in Sacramento myself and seeing the California Vietnam Wall in person for the first time; that wall was too big to really put my mind around and it only held the names of the Californians killed or missing in action, never mind the wall in DC with everyone on it. The Swindle song touches on the immensity of such a thing, of people who believed their country was right and acting justly and the thought one must have in the presence of such a thing like The Wall- "would I die for anyone, for someone like me?... and, am I worth it at all, are we worth it the wall?"
I'm not advocating the war nor is the song, the very opposite in fact. It was a war we waged on & with our youth and we lost incredibly with it. And the torn and destroyed lives still persist today. Alas, I digress, some good hardcore & punk- enjoy!

PS - You Can't tell by the scans, but inserts are actually transparencies kind of like an overhead from back in elementary school. Pretty cool in my book.

DOWNLOAD: Over My Dead Body | Swindle - "Split" 7inch

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