Thursday, March 17, 2011

Devil's Night Out 7inch Compilation

So, it looks like Thursdays are going to be Compilation Thursdays, at least for the next few weeks. Expect some good ones for the next month or two.

This little bad boy is a great one from the late 90's. Recorded at the infamous Southern California club, Showcase Theatre in Corona, Ca; it features a who's who of Indecision Records at the time with Ensign, Eyelid, Adamantium, & Death By Stereo, as well as the Missing 23rd (who at the time were on Mankind Records which has strong ties to Indecision).

A real hell of a live comp and on one of the cooler slabs of wax that truly lives up to its devil's night out theme and title. It should be noted that Ensign actually does Revolution's End & First, Last, Only; with Revolution's End featuring a post Tomorrow's Gone & pre-Faded Grey Lance Wells on vocals.

It has to be wondered that somewhere out there, probably in the Indecision vaults, that there

are full sets from this show. It would make sense as the full set of Ensign eventually turned up on their collection CD a few years ago. Anyone from Indecision out there holding those or the Faded Grey, Count Me Out & Over My Dead Body sets that should exist from a Showcase show recorded for the DVD, feel free to share. They would get a proper treatment.

DOWNLOAD: "Devil's Night Out" 7inch Compilation

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