Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Shroud - Demo/7inch

The Shroud are a newer hardcore band from Southern California (Inland Empire). After his previous band came to an end, singer Chris began to get the itch to perform again and eventually recruited other locals whose bands had just ended, Jason (guitar) & Erich (bass), while getting Xibalba drummer Jason for the demo writing/recording process.

Fast hardcore with a 'fuck off' attitude that lends itself to a crust/thrash influenced sound. Avoiding all the obvious references for bands of this style, it sounds a bit like those bands- pissed music for a fucked up day with lyrics that just ask to be screamed as you make that morning drive to work.

Dark imagery abound, the Shroud demo/7inch comes off visually more akin to some of the more evil inspired bands (you thought I was going to say Holy Terror, didn't you) while musically it hits you and is over almost before you can realize the record has started playing.

Currently, the band has a 5 song 7inch out on Death of A Modernist Records (the image above is
of the mailorder cover for said 7inch) and is looking to gear back up for playing some shows in the new year. Get ahold of them here

Death of A Modernist Records

DOWNLOAD - The Shroud - "Demo"

*The Record is a one time pressing of 100 on deep purple colored vinyl. The press is about half gone and moving, so don't hesitate getting a copy now*

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