Sunday, February 20, 2011

Backside - Disconnected Misdirected

Backside were a "new-school" or skate-punk band from the 90's. Playing a fast punk sound that shared plenty in common with bands like Millencolin (while owing plenty to bands like Bad Religion and other bands that would dominate 90's melodic punk), the Riverside (Corona), California band played constantly while releasing all but their final album themselves.

This full length, their second, comes after their debut lp "No Today" & a 3-song 7inch, and before the "Clever Kids Never Forgive" EP, all released on their own Isolated Records. The band would end with their third album "10 Million Strong" on local label, El Pocho Loco.

Backside wasn't a political band nor a party/joke band, instead I've always seen a good summation in the lyrics to "Safety in Security" - I'm not a patriot, I'm not an anarchist, I'm just a kid in a world that doesn't make much sense. No need to label me for your category, I'm just a kid who doesn't believe in much of anything. Backside definitely had songs with content though, album starter "Seven Minutes" refers to a specific local show where the show quickly devolved into violence as massive fight broke out and the show got cut off, while "The Ones" refers to age old fears and phobias of cultural or political differences and how we can so easily inherit those from our elders if we're not careful.

Overall, a little gem of speedy 90's punk with mildly snotty vocals that brings back waves of memories of seeing them at the Showcase Theatre throughout the mid/late 90's into the early 00's; and it always seemed they were playing with Union 13, Osker, & Swindle. Not a bad thing at all.

DOWNLOAD: Backside - Disconnected Misdirected

PS - I no longer seem to own "No Today" nor can I track it down. If any of you out there do by chance have it, I'd love to get a copy. Email me!

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