Friday, February 18, 2011

West Coast (Rotting) Stiffs - Blood Stained Minds: 1998 - 2001

The West Coast Stiffs were a Riverside, Ca Punk band in the late 90's. Starting out as a fairly standard Punk band drawing on political & street punk influences before a growing crust/grindcore influence eventually morphed them in to the long running Rotting Stiffs.

The recordings here work backwards from right when that change really first fully formed with the first 3 tracks which are from the "Protest to Death" demo. Tracks 4-10 are from an unreleased demo session when the band was beginning to show their first harder edges, but more in a Discharge/Exploited (Troops) kind of way. Tracks 11-14 are from the bands very first recording, "Riverside Chaos" split EP with local band, (the) Pukes (with whom they shared members). The 15th & final track is actually from after the first EP and was originally for a compilation album that never came out. As is the case with the Headstrong EP and some other local bands that will turn up in this blog, the song is from a 1st gen dub that was recorded on a quickly failing tape deck.

DOWNLOAD: West Coast (Rotting) Stiffs - Blood Stained Minds: 1998-2001

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