Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life In Pictures - Songs from the Sawmill

Life in Pictures were a Hardcore band hailing from Prescott, Arizona. Playing on the heavier & fast side of things, they brought to the heavy sound the things that made it more hardcore than metal. While every song on this ep clocks in at above 4 minute mark, none of the songs seem to drag on- no building intro that gives way to some dramatic riff; no bludgeoning guitars that keeps smashing your head against the speakers as the song crawls past. Instead, Life in Pictures lends itself more to a simpler version of a sound like Undying had on their final album. Fast, heavy, and certainly able to punish you sonically, but without screwing around with you for half of the time. Play the song, add a well placed breakdown or temp change, maybe the occasional pause, but ultimately, come, destroy, leave. Screamed vocals with some distortion to them & intelligent and socio-political lyrics rather than just garbage or whining about who hurt you.

Life in Pictures also released a full-length (by the sign of the spyglass) that I remember not being very fond of. It didn't hit like this, seemed a little too thought out almost. It might also be that some bands are simply better with an EP than an LP. Either way, they were a very fun band, having seen them playing on both the EP & the LP, neither times disappointed. Full of energy and non-stop the whole time. They played a local show here in a park Gazebo that involved ceramic plates being broken (not by them) and they were great sports about it; especially considering the weirdos some of us locals could be.

Almost all of the band went on to be in the band Hour of the Wolf, while another is in the band the Swim.

Old Band Myspace & LastFm Page

DOWNLOAD: Life in Pictures - Songs from the Sawmill EP

UPDATE: Finally got to scanning, here are the cover/booklet. Click through to bigger scans, enjoy!

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