Saturday, February 19, 2011

Redemption 87 - S/T, All Guns Poolside, 7inch, Interview & More

Redemption 87 were a mid-late 90's "old school" (for lack of a better way of saying it) Hardcore band from Northern California. Fast songs in the 1:30-2:30 minute range with snarled vocals, start-stop music, a very noticeable bass guitar, and lyrics that ran from denouncing violence, hate and racism to dealing with getting older/changing, but not having to become a complete contradiction of ones previous self.. The vocals were some where similar to BDTW era Youth of Today while the music reflected a combination of an array of many older/original hardcore bands, a sound greatly lacking at the time they formed.

Comprised of older members, they sought to play a sound reminiscent of what they grew up listening to and/or playing in previous bands. With a before & since pedigree that includes Unit Pride, Token Entry, the Nerve Agents, AFI, Skankin' Pickle, Said Radio, and much more; they definitely had experience to draw on.

Redemption 87's "S/T" LP on New Age Records and comp. track on "Guilty By Association" (Indecision Records) were a large part of the soundtrack to years 17-25 of my life, and still get a consistent amount of love and play. Their second album, "All Guns Poolside" continues on in the same vein as the earlier stuff, but with a bit more stripped down sound (probably in part due to not only moving to one guitarist, but having both of their previous guitarists depart) that had a more aggressive sound to it; they still turned out a very good album that stands the test of time as well.

I feel it needed to mention that their cover of Antidote's "Something Must Be Done" is great and introduced me and surely a lot of other people to a band, that in 1996-97 was nearly lost to many because their record was so rare.

The downloads are in three because they include both lp's, the Spidey Sessions 7inch, the Guilty By Association comp track (which i think is from Spidey, but has better quality), the interview below from Extent Fanzine, and ads for both LP (listed above) and for a 7inch that Extent was supposed to release in 1997 (maybe it became the first few tracks on All Guns Poolside), and scans of the covers/inserts for each album.

ENJOY a great, fun Hardcore band.


Redemption 87 - Self Titled
Redemption 87 - All Guns Poolside
Redemption 87 - 7inch + Interview & Ads

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