Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Direction - Into the Bear Pit EP

New Direction, as the logo says, were from El Segundo, California. They were a hardcore band around in the mid-2000's playing pretty straight forward style of hardcore that mixed in little things to set them apart; hand claps in 'the light brigade', a damn good breakdown in 'I'm bad with names', hints of melody throughout the all-too-short EP (6 songs, less than 10 minutes), and a good mix of singer/guitarist vocals.

Good lyrics that aren't really positive or negative but rather just lyrics relating to life in general & the struggles and experiences that go along with living it, as well as some you could call "political" for lack of a better term. The few times I was able to see New Direction it was always energetic and fun, kind of like a party where there was tons of fun and messing around among friends, but also lots of good discussion too; it comes across on this EP as well. Stand out tracks: the Light Brigade, Intro/A Hymn to the Grace, Into the Bear Pit, & I'm Bad with Names.

New Direction is long gone and has been for awhile now, they do have more recordings (some of which you can listen to on their MySpace page), but attempts to track them down have so far proved unsuccessful- if any of you out there have them or know someone who does, I'd love to get my hands on those and I'd gladly post them up as well.

DOWNLOAD: New Direction - "Into the Bear Pit" EP


  1. thank you so much for posting this. i grew up listening to this band, seeing them at the sports bar and rec center in westchester and el segundo. ever since i lost the cd i have been looking for these tracks.

  2. you're welcome. I only saw them out here in the IE a few times. We were fortunate enough to have them at the SOS Project a couple of times and they were always a blast. Now my mission is to find someone, some day, who has the other songs they recorded. hah

  3. I have them! Just ran into Stryder in El Segundo too, he's alive! E-mail me and I can send you what I have from them... AJGladue@gmail.com. It's mostly stuff from Keep Your Head Up and the Crom tracks that they never really put out.

  4. Please! Please post whatever you find! I've been searching for years!!!

  5. I think I can find those songs. I think....