Saturday, February 12, 2011

Headstrong - Self Titled EP

Headstrong were a Punk band from Southern California existing in the late 90's/early 00's. To the best of my knowledge, the 6 songs here comprise the bands total studio output. The songs themselves; the first 5 being from a split with fellow San Bernardino band Stand Out (with whom they shared members) & the 6th being from an unreleased compilation, range from fairly standard snotty punk (disease, you cut you bleed) to hardcore punk (drama queen, bounty hunters). Standard fare for punk lyrics & alternating vocals between primary singer/guitarist CJ & primary guitarist Pat. The compilation track is culled from a 1st gen dub of the unreleased comp and suffers from being converted from a substandard tape deck (hey, im in the market for a good one if you have one youre looking to part with one) and features original guitarist Steve.

Guitarist/singer Pat also played in BHB; Steve (drums) would go on to sing in Stand Out & This Gun For Hire; Steve (guitar) would also be in Stand Out as well as punk band the Discipline Engine, while vocalist CJ would later join Stand Out on vocals & later guitar. I'm unaware if bassist, Aaron, went on to any other bands. Headstrong dissolved some time around the early 2000's.

DOWNLOAD: Headstrong - "Self-Titled" EP

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