Saturday, February 12, 2011

Various Artists - Discharged: From Home Front to War Front

Discharge stand as one of the cornerstones of hardcore punk, crust, and d-beat; laying the foundation for everything from Doom to Tragedy. Fast, overdriven, and in your face in the most blunt force-you-to-pay-attention kind of way. Their legacy is one hard earned & well deserved; as such, a tribute comp. like this 7inch is not only fitting, but almost dead on with the band selections paying tribute.

Nausea (who probably owe the most direct thanks to Discharge), Final Conflict, Neurosis, Four One One, & Extreme Noise Terror all turn in their own renditions of Discharge classics with Nausea & Four One One being the biggest standouts (in my opinion), though none of the songs lag.

I originally came across this while originally compiling the 411 "Discog." for the old What We Want Blog, when an attentive blogger noticed I didn't have their Discharge cover (of which I was not aware) and sent me a link to the whole comp that they had ripped. Very worth sharing on it's own, so enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Discharged: From Home Front to War Front

PS- I do not own this and have only seen it go for some pricier numbers, so if you have a copy you want to part with, email me.

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