Friday, February 11, 2011

Count Me Out - Live on WPRB

Like most time periods in music (no matter how arbitrarily you decide to define a time period) there is a cluster of bands that stand out, head and shoulders above the rest. Richmond, Virgina's Count Me Out are one such band. Helping bridge the gap of the mid/late 90's revival bands (Ten yard Fight, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, etc) to bands who came just ever so slightly after that (staygold, Faded Grey, Over My Dead Body, etc), Count Me Out along with fellow VA natives, Time Flies, kept the flame for fast, straightforward hardcore alive & strong.

Recording an EP & Two Full-lengths in their time, they grew from that straight forward hardcore sound to something more akin to bands like Turning Point & Mouthpiece; taking that tried and true HC framework and adding small touches to set themselves apart from their contemporaries. Their final release, "Permanent" (on Indecision Records) still stands on a level higher than others from the same time, much the same way that In My Eyes last lp "Nothing To Hide" did a few years before.

This live set contains a nice blend of 8 songs that cover the bands recording career, highlighting the newly to be released, "Permanent" LP. Based on when Permanent came out and how everyone is talking about the LP this was most likely recorded sometime either in very late 2001 or early/mid-2002 and then re-broadcast the following year (which is where this source comes from). It was originally played on the Hardon Harry show and replayed by Al on his current show at the time, Sink with California. Enjoy all, a very good band that is far too long gone now. Also keep an eye out, the EP will likely turn up here at some point.

DOWNLOAD: Count Me Out - Live on WPRB

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