Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inside Out - Live at the Anthrax June 15th, 1990

A real gem for this post, a live Inside Out set. Inside Out, for any of you who might be here and somehow not know who they were; were a hardcore band that existed all too shortly at the end of the 80's/early 90's. They pulled on the musical experience that each of them had from playing in notable 80's HC bands (Beyond, Hardstance, No For An Answer, Justice League, & Chain of Strength to name a few) and fused it into this extremely influential band.

With an all too brief studio output of the "No Spiritual Surrender" EP on Revelation Records and numerous accounts of lots of fully formed songs for their never-recorded full length lp, "Rage Against the Machine", this live set helps to show what was coming for the band before it splintered.

I don't remember where I came across this live set, whether it was another blog or by way of guitarist Vic Dicara. The assorted live songs in the secondary download here most definitely came from Vic, as he had shared them when I had been fortunate enough to go into his Static Void Studios with some friends who were recording with him. Something that always seemed to kind of sum up Inside Out's sound was something Vic once said when we had finally decided to start asking him questions in the studio; he said that essentially the Inside Out sound comes down to the rest of the band going for a Minor Threat sound while Vic was going more for a Slayer sound. Of course it was over simplification, but the general point rings true.

The Anthrax set with 5 unrecorded tracks as well as the entire EP (after uploading this, I discovered that End of Time is Undertone. I don't know who tagged this, but that's how it is. Burning Fight is also split into 2 tracks and inc. a fast 25-30 seconds that were either another song or a part of the song that never got recorded).
The assorted tracks are from various live sources completely unknown to me as Vic just gave the files to friends as is. For me, its a real treat for the early version of the Rage Against the Machine track "Darkness", as well as the song Rage Against the Machine.

Even with knowing how different Inside Out was, the live set offers some real surprises and some real wishes that they had recorded these tracks properly in a studio. Turning Face (also called Turn to Run in other versions) is probably my favorite, though there isn't a bad track.

DOWNLOAD: Inside Out - Live at the Anthrax 1990
DOWNLOAD: Inside Out - assorted Live tracks

*Both photographs pulled from the web, the first one I have no idea who it belongs to, the second one is credited to the great Ken Salerno.


  1. can you find any other live audio of inside out??

  2. I'm so happy you have these up here, Jon. Once upon a time, I had all the Static Void goodies downloaded (including the original Projectors demo, which I have religiously guarded) - but I lost most of it over the years, and of course Vic's sites are long deleted. I was just thinking the other day how bummed I am that I no longer have the Inside Out rarities!

    Did you catch the remastered 1991 tape from hate5six?