Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tomorrows Gone - No Way To Make Time Stand Still (1993-1997)

Tomorrows Gone was a melodic hardcore band from Las Vegas during the early/mid-90's, drawing on bands like Dag Nasty (whom they cover), mixing it with a 90's touch of emo and a bit more of a punk back beat.

Tomorrows Gone recorded two demos, a 7inch, and various comp. tracks before disbanding in 1997. Singer Lance Wells moved to California where he would turn up on Ensign's contribution to the "Devil's Night Out" comp 7inch on Indecision Records (will be posted later). During that time Tomorrow's Gone got together to work on this discography and lay down some music for songs that had not been recorded before their end. When the songs were sent to Lance, the desire to be in a band returned. Tomorrows Gone was unfortunately unable to continue despite the renewed interest, however the demo (inc. new versions of the songs In Silence & Faded Grey) would become the first recordings of the new Las Vegas Hardcore band, Faded Grey. The core of TG would roll into Faded Grey and plow forward with a demo/7inch & full length that built on a similar formula through the early 00's, including TG songs In Silence, Remainder, To Rest, & Faded Grey.

DOWNLOAD: Tomorrows Gone - No Way to Make Time Stand Still

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  1. that Faded Grey reunion show a few years back was amazing, I could go for another