Saturday, February 5, 2011

Consequence - Self-Titled 7inch

One of the many Used Bin Bargains from Dr. Strange Records in Alta Loma that I've picked up over the years. This was one of the random ones I happened across and it caught my attention. It had enough songs (5) along with lyrics that at least gave it enough potential to put out a buck or two on.

The first time I put it on, it caught & held my attention. A big acoustic guitar intro that gives you that emotional hardcore feel like Mean Season or Strife's "Slipping", before it jumps forward with it's full hardcore force. Overall a very strong little EP of a longer song or two with some shorter songs mixed in.

Just within the last few months as I looked at starting up a new blog and posting this, I learned that this band would disband with members going on to form the initial line-up of Eyelid with an ex-member of Strife, both bands who would put out some great 90's hardcore that helped shape that decades sound. Not too bad of a start for those members with this record. Enjoy, and if you have more specific info. as far as who was in this band and Eyelid, feel free to share in the comments, I was able to find very little of specific info. and don't currently own any physical copies of Eyelid's stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Consequence - Self-Titled 7inch

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  1. The line up for this 7" was...
    Brian Melville on vocals
    Dan Palmer on Bass
    Chad Goertz on guitar
    Ricky Reyes on guitar
    and Scott Kenzel on drums.

    Consequence started in 1992 in Santa Clarita, CA. After Consequence, Brian and Dan went on to play in Eyelid. After that, Dan went on to play guitar for Death By Stereo, and is still in that band. Dan was really the break out musician of the band, and his talents were very obviously being stifled on bass guitar. This is apparent on the acoustic beginning to Game For The Senses, where Dan played the 12 string into. We were only together for about a year, 1992-1993. We played some cool shows, a few at Spanky's in Riverside, and we were a staple at the Macondo Club in Hollywood. We first recorded a demo, that had a similar sound, but was a little harder. Patriot Games was one of the better tracks on the demo. I still listen to it on occasion. Tensions among the members, lead to an abrupt and quiet break up in 1993. I remember running into Dan and Brian at a Downcast show at the Whiskey, and asked when we were going to get together and practice. Their reply was "practice what? Consequence? There is no Consequence anymore." OK, I guess that answered that question. Years later, I heard that one of the recordings was pressed into a 7". I finally got my hands on some, about 2 years ago, almost 20 years afterward. LOL. Since that time, most of the members buried most of whatever differences drove us apart, and hang out on occasions. In hindsight, it brings back some fun memories. Sometimes I wish we'd reunite, and play a show or two, but that's unlikely. Even when I listen to it today, I still think it had a lot of potential, and a really awesome sound. I think the recordings were shelved for years, until someone approached Brian about pressing it. I'm glad they did, it's nice that other people got to hear it. Thanks for posting this on your blog!

    On a side note, Dan and I (Chad) were in a band called Bottom Line in 1991, before Consequence. We practiced in a warehouse in San Fernando, and ran into a few members of Social Justice at the local Taco Bell. They were just starting their comeback with a new line up. We partnered up with them, and essentially became inseparable. We even shared drummers, Chris Lee. Social Justice was far more advanced than us musically (by a long shot), and went on to become Downset. It was too much for Chris to play in both bands at shows. When Dan and I decided to form Consequence, Bottom Line was no more. All fun times though!

    If anyone has any pics or info about Consequence, feel free to email me...