Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pukes - Read Your Bible, Smoke Your Bong (Discography)

(the) Pukes were a local Riverside band with ties to a lot of other local bands, including the long running WC/Rotting Stiffs

This band was full of good friends of mine who played fun shows and was exactly what you would expect; teenage punk rock with a HC Punk feel. Fake blood, Misfits influence, snot, sarcasm, and some 16 year old's ideas of wit. Most of the time it worked, sometimes it flopped. Looking back more than 10 years later, the Split songs still resonate with me. Unfortunately, the "unreleased lp" tracks were recorded with a slightly different line-up and Bryan (singer) was sick. It shows. However, "Fuck James Dean" still comes through and its nice to have "This Place" as it holds a lot of fond memories and reminders of some of the few bright spots of high school.

Fuck James Dean was originally "Destroy", when Rudy left it became FJD. Same music, diff. lyrics. This Place was also a Rudy song, but it remained, and if memory serves it was mostly intact from when he sang it. Riverside Chaos was a joke directed at exactly the type of song that it is. I believe that local band Narcoleptic Youth actually took a shot at the Pukes in an interview referencing the reasoning behind their song "Banks Go Bust." A bit ironic.

The Pukes Last FM Page

The songs should have info. embedded in them, but in case they don't (or you aren't that savvy):

All tracks recorded 1998 - 1999

Vocals: Bryan
Bass, Vocals: Rudy (1,2,4,9,12)
Guitar, Vocals: Kenny
Drums: Nick
Bass: Dan (3,5-8,10,11,13-15)

1,2,4,9 from "Riverside Chaos" Split EP w/ WC/Rotting Stiffs

12 from unreleased End of the World Records comp & sourced from a 10-12 year old 1st gen. dubbed tape

3, 5-8, 10, 11, 13-15 from unreleased full length lp

DOWNLOAD: Pukes - Discography 1998-1999

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