Thursday, December 22, 2011

the Nerve Agents - Pictures: Showcase Theatre 1999

I was lucky, ridiculously lucky enough, to see the Nerve Agents on many occasions from just about the beginning of the band (I remember them being the opening band on the Rev tour stop at Showcase Corona- you know, when there was a Showcase San Diego) and on through the full arc of the band. And while I certainly some them far less during the Butterfly Collection time period, they were always an insanely fun and good band. Somewhere I have negatives for these and more pictures, but I sent a ton of them off to the band before Days of the White Owl came out. And while my pictures didnt get used, I did get a thanks in the album which is still one of the "cooler" things to happen. Great band, especially that first ep and the split with Kill Your Idols.... that David Bowie cover is outstanding....

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