Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Retribution - Two Song Tape

Retribution were a hardcore punk band from Southern California in the late 90's. To the best of my recollection they were from Yorba Linda/Orange County and aside from this tape they had released a demo tape previously and recorded a song titled "Kicked in the Teeth for Friendship". With political songs (Pigs with Badges) and a t-shirt design that had lady liberty being arrested by riot cops (I still have mine in a box somewhere).

According to the letter I found with the tape, these two tracks were originally going to be on a 7inch. Sometime after this the band took a bit of a harder turn in their music (which started to show in the track "Kicked in the Teeth...") and eventually led the band to change names. Changing their name to Atreyu.

As Atreyu they went on to release a few albums, even signing with bigger labels like Tribunal and Victory. I honestly was not a fan of the change and never paid much attention to the band beyond this point, but it is an interesting thing to look back on and listen to.

ALSO- IF ANYONE has the Retribution demo (or any other Retribution songs), Id love to get my hands on it. I do now have a means of transferring tapes. Which is good because so many of them seem to be dying fast.

Another great Showcase show
The flier is probably the last time I saw Retribution, though I am almost certain I saw them right as they made the switch and am damn near positive that there is a flier somewhere with them opening for Total Chaos along with Titty Twisters, Pukes, and Stiffs and it saying "formerly Retribution" on it. And if we're talking "went on to..." status, Titty Twisters singer went on to do a few bands over the years including vocals/guitar for A Better Hope Foundation and vocals in a revived Outspoken. I think this was also the last time the Nerve Agents played down here before releasing "Days of the White Owl" and moving more towards that horror hardcore punk image.

DOWNLOAD: Retribution - "Retribution/Shallow World" Tape

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