Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amendment Eighteen - Demo

Amendment Eighteen (A.18) were a straight edge hardcore band from Southern California in the late 90
s- mid 2000's. The band played a straight forward brand of hardcore, especially early on; with later releases featuring a fuller, but still fast and pissed off sound.

I will spare the more in-depth explinations as this not the first A18 post on this blog, the "Defining the Color Conviction" 7inch can be found HERE. However, A18's brand of finely blended hardcore, anger, and punk comes through in even these earliest recordings.

A18 @ Showcase Theatre 2006
Recorded in the band practice space, all four of these songs would be re-recorded for the debut full length that was released on guitarist Mike's New Age Records. Enjoy the tracks, you have some good and varied sentiments here- from the straight edge to the aged and returning former hardcore icon, welcoming the new days and not selling them short because they arent the "good old days" as well as a rather deep sentiment in the song "Our Last Beautiful Thing."


DOWNLOAD: Amendment Eighteen - "Demo"

Amendment 18 - Ink Bleeds Through:

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