Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Lanes 3-Way Split / Nothing to Prove Compilation

Three Lanes... is a 3-Way Split CD released by Glory Kid Limited in 2007. It features Time For Change, Lockdown, and Heads Up; all from Southern California and all playing different styles of hardcore.

Time For Changes leads off with two tracks recorded between the "Wasting Away" 7inch and the "Memoirs" full-length.Both songs show the band progressing to songs that show a little more complexity and thought, which would become fully realized on their full-length and final 7inch. Both of their tracks here, "Heatwar", and "Homestead" would appear on the aforementioned lp, though they would be re-recorded and in the case of Heartwar, drastically re-worked.

Heads Up are.... hardcore punk. Not much my thing the time or two I saw them, and not my thing at all on these two tracks. They're most memorable to me for one of their singers busting a window at the old SOS Project at one of our very first shows (they paid for it).

Lockdown round out the split and offer up their brand of angry, pissed off hardcore. Fast, almost to the point of being hardcore punk, but with a heaviness firmly planted in hardcore and an aggression that matched the negativity. Again, not hugely my thing, but they were a lot of fun to see/hear live and the songs on this split are good. They would eventually split up with many of the members moving on to the band Last Days. Members would also do time in Time For Change.

DOWNLOAD: Three Lanes 3-Way Split

Continuing with the theme is a comp that came out a little while before the 3-Way Split. This was released by Good Times Records (2005) and features a lot of smaller/local bands from Southern California inc. Lockdown and Time For Change, who were also on the split.

All told, there are 12 tracks from 8 bands- along with the afforementioned bands, Final Fight, Feeding Frenzy, Looking Up, and 3 more bands round out this solid little comp. that has a little bit for everyone. From the heavier bands like Lockdown and Blood Stands Still to the fast and pissed of Feeding Frenzy and the more "recent" sounds of bands like Final Fight and Looking Up (really, you can only mention melodic as part of hardcore without sounding redundant). How does it feel to be a problem? Cos I Feel Fine!


DOWNLOAD: Nothing to Prove- A Southern California Compilation

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