Monday, November 7, 2011

the Discipline Engine

The Discipline Engine were a punk band from San Bernardino, Ca. from 2001-2003. Playing a brand of heartfelt music that mixed influences that I've always felt is best summed up as saying- take the punk from Rancid's "And Out Come the Wolves" and mix it with Hot Water Music circa "No Division" and splash in a few doses of Sham 69.

The songs here cover a lot of topics from the funny to dealing with growing up, reflecting on birth, isolation, drug (ab)use by friends, and that gap that exists between the world we see and the world in our minds. The songs come from 3 recording sessions that made up 3 separate EP's. Recorded in Sept. 2002, June 2002, and Sept. 2003; in the short year that they recorded they played out quite often locally before succumbing to what so many bands are done in by- the end of high school (most of the band members graduated just shortly after the June 2002 session).

The Discipline Engine in back of the great Showcase Theatre
DE was a local band and one I was fortunate enough to see live many times and call friends. They played live shows that engaged you emotionally and made you equally have fun and think about things. Take the time, give it a listen... it doesn't sound specifically like any one of the above stated influences, and surely there are a hundred other influences they could all interject (and may well do so haha)- its moderately grown up punk rock- no grand political statements, just good music and songs about people and life in general.

Also included are a live intro and two live songs (live versions of Glory and I'll do it) recorded at the great Showcase Theatre sometime in 2002.

I've also started using DivShare so you can listen to a song (or two) from the downloads. Enjoy!

- the Discipline Engine - "Perfection Too"

DOWNLOAD: The Discipline Engine - "Give It A Name" (Discography)

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The download has covers/lyrics/info. for the first two ep's, "DE EP" & "History" EP. The third EP, "People" didn't ever have any real cover or any of the such, but the info. is the same.

It's worth noting that, as the band progressed Kevin and Cody began to switch off more which gives the change in vocals. Kevin sang all but one song on "DE EP" (Shores of Ebb), whereas on the "History" EP Cody sang on all but "Perfection Too", which Kevin sang. By the recording of the "People" EP, Cody sang all of the tracks. Live, Kevin played more guitar on tracks he didn't sing.
The band is as listed in the booklet/covers, except Steve Mendonsa actually played guitar on the "DE EP", but departed shortly after (though he was known to turn up live from time to time).

A Much more heartfelt bit can be found on the old DE Myspace HERE

DE EP: Tracks 2,5-6,10,14,16-17,20
History: Tracks 3,7-9,12,15, 23 (originally hidden at the end of Give It A Name)
People: Tracks 4,11,13,18-19
Live: Tracks 1,21-22

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