Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gorilla Biscuits - Live in the Netherlands 2007

Here's a fun one from the Gorilla Biscuits re-union tour that happened in 2007. I missed the tour when it stopped off here in Southern California, but I hear a great time was had by all. If the pictures included with the audio (one of which you see to your right) are any indication, the shows were a hit everywhere.

On even the slightest off chance anyone finding themselves here does not know who GB is, they were a late 80's/early 90's hardcore band from New York. With a stellar first EP (it still gets more play than the LP for me) which was followed by a Full Length that laid the framework for many a hardcore band to follow. Fast and fun, it was also funny and intelligent- While the EP had a bit more of the run-of-the-mill topics of being positive in the face of adversity, betrayed friendships, shit talking, and the like, the record was still very fresh sounding and without the feeling of beating a dead horse, while the music definitely pushed the band over the top with that first record (High Hopes and Breaking Free are easily two of my favorite HC songs, period). The "Start Today" lp that followed in 1989 showed the band moving to a sound that incorporated a bit more of melody and the timely use of tempo changes & breakdowns that has been oft imitated and hardly ever matched. The LP also saw the band exploring topics of racism within the scene, vegetarianism/culture, and not wasting all of ones time be it to the TV (stand still), procrastination (Start Today), or changing lives (Time Flies). Not to say that they abandoned their previous topics, as songs like New Direction, Two Sides, and Forgotten all addressed topics similar to the first EP's.

Members went on to (as well as concurrently played in) many bands including CIV, Quicksand, Warzone, Side By Side, Rival Schools, and a nearly endless list of other bands.

I don't remember where I got this, surely it was from another blog a few years ago. All credit to the taper/photographer (there's 5 pictures in the folder) and the original poster. It's a really good quality live set, clear music, clear vocals; by the sounds of it one of the best audience recordings I have ever heard and easily an A recording. The vocals make me think that it isn't a soundboard.

Added bonus of a Judge, Warzone, and two CIV tracks- and of course, Sittin Round at Home which is actually a Buzzcocks song, albeit a bit different as GB has been known for doing it.

DOWNLOAD: Gorilla Biscuits - Live in the Netherlands 2007

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