Sunday, November 6, 2011

Out of Heart - Second Demo

Out of Heart were a hardcore band from the Inland Empire, California around the mid/late 2000's.

They played pretty standard hardcore for the time- fast, angry, touches of heavy and angry. Lyrics that ranged from humility, friendship, and mistakes made; the band turned out two demos in a style not horribly unlike their influences of Another Breath, Staygold, Killing the Dream, & Count Me Out- not to say that they specifically sound like any of those bands.

I've always called this the "Erich" demo, which is how it is tagged. That was to differentiate from the fact that the untitled demo featured new bassist, Erich, rather than their previous untitled demo which had their original bassist.

Out of Heart @ Feeding Fest 2006
When the band ended singer Nate and drummer Jason would move on to form the heavier and formidable Xibalba with friends Bryan and Brian. Some time later, original Out of Heart bassist, Jensen, would join Xibalba as an additional guitarist. Erich went on to do local bands In the Grey (vocals) (demo posted HERE) and the Shroud (bass)  (demo posted on the blog HERE )

A video of the song Through Thick & Thin from the previously mentioned SOS Project. While the video is from the first demo time frame, the song appears on both demos, albeit, a bit more smoothly on the second demo.

DOWNLOAD: Out of Heart - Second Demo

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