Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of Year Lists???

I'm not much for the end of the year
"Best of..." type lists, especially with the music I listen to. Any given year is filled with just as many new releases as it is filled with new discoveries; and both tend to rule my listening habits fairly evenly. TO THE LEFT you see what lastFM has informed me was my most listened to artists for 2011. Give or take (it only logs my ipod tracks about every fourth or fifth time that I connect it, so these are mostly tracks listened to on the computer itself), the lists looks fairly accurate.

A mix of timeless favorites (Adolescents, Misfits, Minor Threat, Nirvana and more), new releases/discoveries (Arctic Flowers, Written Off, & Youth Avoiders), bands I was listening to as I worked on their respective posts/collections (Straight Faced, the Discipline Engine, the Cable Car Theory, and more), and some favorites whose listen count was elevated by having a newborn child (Aquabats, rjd2 & Aggrolites).

I will say that some of my favorite things released in 2011 (with about 5 minutes thought and with no order to it) were Arctic Flowers lp, some more great Dischord remasters/unreleased stuff (like the Faith demo), the Ratz "Uninformed Youth" 7inch, Youth Avoiders/Zombies Are Pissed split 7inch, Nirvana "Nevermind" (20th anniv), Move Forward "ep", Black Kites/Convulsions Split, & Humans "demo".

New music download posts coming, its going to be another active year with the blog, fear not....

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