Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA and the Wikipedia Blackout

I'm not inclined to use the blog to climb on the soap box about politics or personal views too much, but something like this compels one to say something.

I will be brief, but I will encourage any of you traveling here today or any day in the future to contact your respective congress person and other political representatives and voice your displeasure for these bills. Please do not think that perhaps because you are not a political radical or subversive individual that this bill will not affect how you view the interenet- IT WILL. Do not just take my word for it, read up on it for yourselves

Stop Online Piracy Act

Make your own conclusions. I can say though, it would not be a stretch of the imagination at all to see sites like this one and hosting sites such as mediafire and megaupload be wiped away.

Wikipedia has made it rather easy to contact your reps, please make use of their easy search function:

On-Line Petition

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