Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say Goodbye - Demo Tape 2002 / Anti-Social E.P. 7inch

SG @ Insted CA Reunion Shows- 2004
Say Goodbye were a Hardcore band from Mass. in the early/mid-2000's. They released a demo tape, two 7inch EP's, and a full length LP of fast and completely pissed off hardcore. A distinct Xclaim Records influence can be heard in the music and vocals, especially on early things such as the Demo & Anti-Social EP where the band snarls and buzzsaws their way through a total of 10 songs in 13 minutes between the two releases.

A raw but refined sound shows up on all of their releases, though the Misanthropy 7inch would start to show a little expansion with some of the guitars and bass/drum work.  Each of their four releases (you get the first two this time around) stand up now, 8-10 years later. To my knowledge, their stuff has been gone for quite some time now as everything, except for the self-released demo, was released by the defunct Western Front Records (Outbreak, Miracle Mile, Drop It!, Where the Sidewalk Ends).

A good Interview from 2004 can be found over at the old You Breed Like Rats blog HERE. Apparently, their bassist sings for Waste Management and plays bass in Mind Eraser.

I actually picked this up at a show in Ojai with Amendment 18, Terror, Skare Tactic, and maybe In Control and Say Goodbye? The tape was pretty new, so the fact that this demo is approaching 10 years old (which is a crazy thought), my memory is not super clear on it. It may also be that Terror was selling some copies after just getting back from tour. It was around the time their 2 song 7inch had come out and had some limited packaging that seemed a little bit much (to me) like a box or something and it was a one sided 7inch. Again, fuzzy memory, but its more fun to recall than it is to run off and research Terror's releases.

I do remember that Scruffy, A18's bassist at the time, recommended the demo, and since I'd know him for some time and generally trusted his tastes, I bought it. No disappointment. I hear the strongest X Claim Records bands influence in the vocals on this record. Lots of pissed off and fast hardcore with those little temp changes that have tons of toms and give way to a bass break before the song explodes again. Great stuff!

A good continuation of the demo (and from the same general time frame), the band steps up from the 4-track demo recordings to bring a 6-song 7inch that clocks in just a little past 7 minutes. All the things the demo had, just refined into a better recording. Still tons of snarl, fast riffs, bass work that you can actually hear (and appreciate) and those great drums.

Enjoy, at some point the LP and last EP should show up here...

DOWNLOAD: Say Goodbye - "Demo" & "Anti-Social" 7inch

Say Goodbye "Iantro/Stay Tuned":


  1. LOL... can you get Misanthropy up as well?!?!? I sold off my collection and forgot how much I loved these records.

  2. Yeah, Misanthropy and the Self-Titled lp will be posted eventually. Not to worry. These records are so good and, at least out here on the West Coast, it seems they are kinda forgotten.

  3. Big ups. I'm from Mass - and these dudes killed it. Nice to see that they got West Coast Love. They were a great revjuvenation of that X-claim sound. Anti Social is a 7" i still revisit frquently

  4. Hi, just came across this page and wanted to ask you where you got the photos from the Insted show? I was a member of Say Goodbye and am always interested in seeing any old pics, flyers, etc. Thanks.

    craigarms at gmail dot com