Friday, January 20, 2012

the Burning Reason - the Dead Speak e.p.

Good emo/hardcore of a 90's influenced slant. I actually know next to nothing about this band. They had come through on tour in maybe 2006-07 and had left some cd's at the local shop, Sounds Like Music. The store had put the cd in the listening station and friends who had seen them had said the band played pretty solid. After hearing a song or two, the $3-4 bucks was a worthwhile gamble ( my only complaint being that the drums are often too low in the recording/mix, especially the snare).

I've never been successful in finding any additional info. on the band- not then, not now. They were a 3-piece band and as best as I can tell, did not do anything other than this EP. Perhaps someone in Minnesota, where theyre from, can chime in and offer a little more insight.

Until that happens, you get 5 tracks of good mid/late 90's influenced emo/hardcore. I won't bore you with comparisons, but this record could have been released on a variety of labels, from No Idea or Jade Tree to Deep Elm (think Brandston's "Trying to Figure Each Other Out" type Deep Elm) or Immigrant Sun.

DOWNLOAD: the Burning Reason - "the Dead Speak e.p."

the Burning Reason "open/close":

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  1. Yes, they were a MN band and had a buzz for about 2 seconds. The singer, Will Just, had a chronic illness and passed away a few years ago.