Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dr. Bob's Nightmare - Demo 2011

Ugly Ass Street Punk is what their lastFM page says. It's pretty on the mark. Ugly, snarled vocals, fairly straight forward music, and lyrics to get fucked up to. If you are looking for some of that magic from your teenage years, or maybe you just found the remains of that last stash from high school.

It isn't necessarily my thing, but the potential for angry and pissed of "work sucks" kind of band is there and perhaps with some more time things will flesh out develop more. They're playing shows and looking to do more, so perhaps 2012 will hold more for this "local" band of sorts (singer Dan, is one of the first people I met even before really "being a punk" was something I comprehended) even though they are based out of San Clemente.

DOWNLOAD: Dr. Bob's Nightmare - "Demo"

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