Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Tyrant - Self-Titled Demo

Life Tyrant were an all too short lived Hardcore band from the Inland Empire, California. Taking the hardcore punk framework and setting it firmly in a metallic influence, the band churned out heavy but fast songs that showed equal doses of their influences.

No screeching vocals, no extravagant guitar showing off, no blast beats- just straight forward heavy, angry, fast. The band shows the varied experiences of band members (having been in or still in Burn Your Life Down, Restrained, Drop It, Bad Lovers, and more) in their sound. Unfortunately, not too long after these recordings the band became rather sporadic and inactive and ultimately ended at some time in early/mid 2008.

These recordings have floated around some, but never really been shared properly, as they deserve to be. 6 tracks, less than 12 minutes- fits pretty nicely in to the kind of heavy hardcore I like the most. Drive fast, be pissed off.

DOWNLOAD: Life Tyrant - "Self-Titled" Demo/EP

Life Tyrant "Symbiotic":

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