Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fourth In Line - Just Another Day tape + Religion Killing Policy ADDED: Open Wide CD

Fourth In Line were a hardcore band from Orange County, California in the mid-90's to the early 2000's. They played a style, at least on the tracks here, not too unlike the first album/7inch by Straight Faced. Not too surprisingly, that is how I came into contact with the band, as they seemed to play more than a few times with Straight Faced, and even covered the song "No Gain on the Play" when SF stopped playing almost all of the songs from their "Guilty"lp.

I got this tape at a Showcase Theatre show some time in '96 or '97 when it came out. It shows a good blend of somewhat punky hardcore that could put the band on a show at the time with anyone from bands like the aforementioned Straight Faced to Pennywise (at that time, not now). Songs like Trippin Randy and Religion Killing Policy (which is from 1999 and a compilation) show more of the straight forward Hardcore sound, while "Father" gets a bit of the softer treatment.

All in all, the tape tracks still sounded great after not being played for some 6-7 years now and the songs hold up pretty well- fun, fast, hardcore with just the right touch of punk and humor.

They have a Facebook page which a friend shared with me (thanks Sergio) and seeing as this tape was circa 1996 and the band split in 2001, hopefully there are more tracks out there. It is mentioned in the compilation that they were recording a full-length in 1999, if anyone has other tracks, get in touch with me, I'd love to hear them and can (and would gladly) post them up. E-Mail: it.follows.blog@gmail.com

DOWNLOAD: Fourth In Line - "Just Another Day +1"

ADDED: Fourth In Line "Open Wide" album
This Morning I received an email that contained the full length "Open Wide". 10 tracks (11 songs) of more of the same stuff, just more refined and with a bit more hardcore edge to it. Good hardcore from sunny Southern California.... enjoy and thanks to Jeremy for sending it over!

DOWNLOAD: Fourth In Line - "Open Wide"

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