Saturday, January 21, 2012

My True Love / Wear the Mark

Wear the Mark, originally named My True Love on the demo, were a straight edge hardcore band from Southern California. Angry as shit with a heavy riff sound not too unlike a great band at the time, the Promise (who were originally named My True Love).

Pissed off and sounding like he is about to come unglued, singer Ibi vents some rage and exercises some demons as the band chugs on. Fast and chunky, but the band does just enough to break from standard formulas of angry and heavy, to give the sound that slight difference from its peers.

You get the 6-song "My True Love" demo and the 4-song "Thrown to the Wolves" 7inch, released on the defunct Straight On Records. Members have been or were in a ton of So Cal bands inc. Fortunate Son, Pressvre, Head High, The Miracle Mile, Seven Generations, Final Fight, Force of Change, and guitarist Derek ran Straight On.

A look at the bands old Myspace page shows that there was at least some recording done for an lp, so Derek or any of you guys, if you have those tracks- feel free to email em my way:

DOWNLOAD: My True Love - "Demo" | Wear the Mark "Thrown to the Wolves" 7inch

Wear the Mark "Don't Cross Me":


  1. I think "BuryMeXedUp" is the perfect email login. Among the band's contacts on the demo.

  2. did they made a split with the warriors ????